GoKinema started as an initiative to celebrate creativity, the love for storytelling, and ingenuity within the craft of filmmaking. GoKinema consists of three main elements – Open Set, Seminars, and GoKinema Backlot – all in which anyone can take part in, as well as EduKinema, an element specifically created for film and media students. It is a gathering of artistic minds, world-class professionals and groundbreaking technology. GoKinema has successfully pinned Gothenburg on the map for filmmakers around the world.

Since 2010, GoKinema has become a vibrant meeting point in Scandinavia for filmmakers of all backgrounds. It has connected the cultural media hub of Lindholmen Science Park with the growing creative network at Gothenburg Studios. GoKinema openly welcomes filmmakers locally and internationally to partake and contribute in the GoKinema experience.



Once Upon a Time…

After many years of working on film sets, a creative team at Gothenburg Studios (then – Gothenburg Film Studios) got together to brainstorm ideas on how to break the boundaries between film enthusiasts and industry professionals. They came up with the concept of Open Set, which is just that – a set with cameras, actors and crew, but with the unusual exception that the general public as well as film workers are welcome to crowd around the action on set and watch. The concept was able to bridge the gap between internationally acclaimed directors and cinematographers to new emerging talent to – well, just anyone who enjoys watching a movie.

Open Set also shares the creative differences and challenges that occur in filmmaking.  Three groups of directors and cinematographers were paired together to interpret, shoot, edit and screen the same script. The end resulted in three extremely different films created, although given the same material, set, equipment and crew. Open Set’s creative initiative instantly receives positive feedback.

“The audiences coming to see how a film is made is partially great and partially dangerous. But the dangerous part is – we’ve already done it now. We showed them how the magic works.”

Geoff Boyle, after an Open Set in 2013


As a result of the success with Open Set and Seminars in 2010, the event gets its name – GoKinema. It becomes a flagship for uniting and developing the film business in Gothenburg. 

GoKinema Expo is added to the program and well-known manufacturers seize the opportunity to appear at the trade show. The Expo is visited by both industry professionals and future filmmakers from all over the world. GoKinema Expo evolves as the only film technology expo of its kind in Scandinavia.

Open Set welcomes a script written by the famous Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let the Right One In. Some of the films are shot in stereoscopic 3D, using the latest technology in the field.

“I think the combination – the users, manufacturers, industry experts – all meeting together in an informal, familiar environment is what makes a successful event.”

Peter Sykes, Sony Europe 2013


This year Open Set interprets a script by the Norwegian writer Erlend Loe. One of the highlights of Open Set this year is watching the world famous cinematographer Eric Kress in action. He is well known for titles like Män som hatar kvinnor (2009), Flickering Lights (2000), The Killing (2007) and Monica Z (2013).

Kress also gives an inspiring workshop on Lightning Dual Close-Ups, coordinated by Benjamin B, European correspondent for the American Cinematographer. The workshop is available on the American Cinematographer website and you can watch a video from it below.

“I think GoKinema is one of the best things in the whole Scandinavia. You see new products, you meet new people and the Open Set here is an example to use all over the world.”

Thomas Holm, V-bag, 2013


The collaboration with Lindholmen Science Park (situated just a stone’s throw away from the Gothenburg Studios) is initiated this year. Their stunning 4K back-projection facilities help to host a well-attended grading workshop sponsored by RED. Gothenburg Studios becomes a part of the emerging media cluster – Media Arena at Lindholmen Science Park.

Gothenburg Film Studios teams up with three other production companies to document GoKinema this year. The participants can later spot themselves in interviews, short clips and great pictures from the event. Gokinema 2013 hosts various world-class seminars where speakers include British cinematographer Geoff Boyle and his French colleague, legendary Robert Fraisse.

“It was this amazing story and everyone could interpret it the way they felt like. It’s very, very challenging.”

Robert Fraisse, about working on Open Set in 2013


GoKinema welcomes the Academy Award-winning cinematographer Philippe Rousselot, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and Sherlock Holmes (2009), to direct (!) at Open Set this year. Rousselot is also leading a Cinema Workshop.

GoKinema also has an increasing focus on students and introduces EduKinema – an opportunity for Nordic film students to collaborate around the filmmaking process from the beginning to the end.

By introducing EduKinema, GoKinema proves itself a great platform for both filmmakers in the beginning of their careers, as well as established professionals who very seldom get the opportunity to just experiment and“shoot for fun”. Whether a student or Academy Award winner, the broad spectrum of those in film get to cross paths and share experiences at GoKinema.

“This is the pure form of movie making.”

Philippe Vie, CEO Cam A Lot



Two films were made during Open Set in 2015. The Kill was directed by Ninja Thyberg, working together with Dewald Aukema, SASC. Thyberg is a well-known Swedish director with many slightly provocative short films and videos on her resume.



On day 2, The Pros by Cecilia Torquato in collaboration with Dick Pope, BSC, was made. Torquato is a Swedish film director who has been gaining recognition with her short films at international festivals, and Dick Pope, BSC, is a renowned Director of Photography, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Mr. Turner (2014), shortly before GoKinema 2015. He also held an exclusive lighting masterclass at the third day of GoKinema.



In 2015, GoKinema put a stronger emphasis on the educational part – gathering more than 100 high school students each day for the study visits. Straight after the main event, EduKinema took place, where nordic film students were working together at the GoKinema Open Set with their own crews. It was also the first year when GoKinema held a script writing competition to choose the scriptwriter for the Open Set manuscript. More than 50 scripts from all over the world were submitted.