Directors for Open Set announced

Two great Swedish directors will work together with award-winning cinematographers on Open Set this year.

Ninja Thyberg is a Stockholm-based film director, who besides film studies also studied sociology, film science and gender studies. Many social aspects, stereotypes and gender roles are key subjects of her work.

Thyberg is currently in pre-production of her next short film with the working title MATRIARKATET – a 30 minute short film that takes place in a world with reversed gender roles, but her latest work includes music video for the song Gå På Salong with Swedish artists Kristin Amparo and Cleo.

See Ninja Thyberg directing one of the Open Set films at GoKinema on Friday, January 23


cecilia torquato

Cecilia Torquato is a Swedish-born film director and producer, who was raised in Brazil, but acquired her education in both countries. She also established Kvarteret Filmproduktion in 2011.

With short films like Frog, The Miracle of Mrs. Rita and Simpler Life (producer) Cecilia has been taking part in film festivals all over the world. With her film Inbox the director just made an entrance into the art scene (Liljevalchs konstmuseum 2014 and Oslo Open). She is also a lecturer at Valand Academy in Gothenburg.

See Cecilia Torquato directing one of the Open Set films at GoKinema on Saturday, January 24