GoKinema Open Set screening – Friday 31st January 11:00AM


GoKinema 2014 has officially wrapped! Thank you to everyone who came this year and experienced the filmmaking process up close and personal.
We will be holding a public screening of the three Open Set films on Friday 31st January, at 11:00AM in Studio 2 at Gothenburg Film Studios.

The three films that will be screened are:

‘One Out’

Director: Lena Koppel

Cinematographer: Frida Wendel

Actors: Jenny Hurtigh, Claire Miller, David Nzinga

‘A critique on the capitalist system’

Director: Baker Karim

Cinematographer: Philippe Ros

Actors: Mimmi Kandler, Pamela Cortes Bruna, David Nzinga

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’

Director: Philippe Rousselot

Cinematographer: Sophie Winqvist

Actors: Jenny Hurtigh, Claire Miller, Fabian Bernhardsson

Entrance is free.
All films based off the screenplay ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ by Levi Dean.
Photograph courtesy of Kendra Cheng 2014.