GoKinema Backlot

Established film workers: Have you ever thought about trying another team position?

Art, administration and technical professionals: Are you established in your craft and want to try to apply your knowledge by working in the film industry?

Film students: Are you dreaming of a career as a professional film worker on high-end productions? Perhaps you already know what team position you would like to aim for?

Film enthusiasts: Have you ever watched the end credits of a movie and wondered what the !%&” all those people really do?



This year we transform Studio 1 into a test and try area for different team positions.

Meet your colleagues in a relaxed environment. Discuss job duties, work conditions and the latest development in the field. Learn more about how a film is made, what you need to know and which tasks you must be able to perform in a specific team position.

GoKinema Backlot is developed both for industry professionals and film/media students, as well as anyone with an interest in the craft of filmmaking.

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