Film music reinvented

DATE: January 31
TIME15.45 – 16.45
VENUE: Studio 3, Gothenburg Studios


Patrik Hambraeus
Carl Michael Herlöfsson

Carl Michael Herlöfsson is a music producer and film music composer.

In this seminar, Herlöfsson will talk about film music from a creative and practical aspect. What does music bring to the film and when does it have a strong impact? Herlöfsson walks you through the whole process of creating a sound track for feature films. The seminar covers all the specific moments such as how to order a score for a film, spotting, temp score, delivery and legal issues, as well as Herlöfsson’s latest project, Moodelizer, a software tool he created for directors, editors and filmmakers where the music is dynamic and contains several practical functions to facilitate the creative work with music and film.

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