Production Design and Optical Illusions

Creating the illusion with analog effects

Welcome to a talk about cinematic poetry, where production design ditches everyday realism and instead lures the audience into dreamscapes and imaginary worlds.


DATE: February 1
TIME: 14.00 – 15.15
VENUE: Studio 3, Gothenburg Studios
The seminar will be held in Swedish.


It would have been nice with a scenic design where the furniture just folds together and fly down into a box, and that someone just walks away with it”.

This will be expensive, is a thought that comes to mind for most. Lots of animation and hours in VFX. But there are alternatives; classical illusions, both analogue and optical, were common tools for the Art Directors of the past. With miniatures, most things are possible, but creating analog and optical effects in camera are rare skills today, when everyone are planning for visual effects and digital animation, says Jerome Signori, who has more than 30 years’ experience as an Art Director, Designer, Model builder, Animator, Puppeteer and Conceptual Artist on international features, TV-series, commercials, and at numerous theme parks nationwide and internationally.

The seminar will cover some of these topics:

  • Scenarios and concepts where analog effects can replace digital effects.
  • Collaborating with the director around the design brief and functionality of models, and miniatures and real-size sets in the production Krakel Spektakel. (with Elisabet Gustafsson)
  • Means and methods in models, and miniatures in movies.
  • Other areas, sectors and jobs where model building is a useful skill.
  • Scenes with analog effects from various productions, including the cult film “Delicatessen”



Jerome Signori, Production Designer

Elisabet Gustafsson, Director