Talk to my agent

Moderated by: Håkan Bjerking, film producer and director


DATE: February 1
TIME: 10.15 – 12.30
VENUE: Studio 3, Gothenburg Studios

How can the filmworker, the agent and the union collaborate closer around certain juridical issues such as copyright, work time, and fees? What are some key issues around negotiating fees for different team positions, and negotiating on an individual basis for different artists? How do we prevent filmworkers’ fees to be diluted by diminishing film budgets? In what way can creativity be better rewarded when negotiating different filmworkers’ contracts? And – with a project based income, how can the system support filmworkers to gather experiences and sharpen skills?

Welcome to a thorough and in-depth discussion about these key elements in creating a creative and viable labour for a fully functioning filmworkers’ society, sustaining a fully functioning workforce, and making sure they can live on a salary for a prolonged time to gather enough experience for a life long career in the industry.
This seminar is for all industry practitioners, and also for emerging talent, as one of the attending agents also represent crafts and technical filmworkers, as well as trainees and assistants in all departments.



Moa Alfvén, Attorney-at-law, Rättighetsbolaget Teaterförbundet

Kasper Notlev, Agent, Art Official Agency

Sara Putt, Agent, Sara Putt Associates