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About GoKinema

Watch these short videos to learn everything you need to know about GoKinema!

What is GoKinema?

GoKinema is an event where film artisans from all over the world get the chance to meet and gain new experiences, knowledge and contacts, a chance you can’t afford to miss.

GoKinema, A Unique Event

GoKinema is an event unique to Gothenburg so the city becomes a meeting point for Scandinavian filmmakers each year.

What is Open Set?

What is the Open Set? Open Set concept involve three teams of filmmakers filming the same script in their own interpretations. The catch? They are overseen and overheard by an audience.

GoKinema 2014

Watch the Open Set films from GoKinema 2014!

One Out

Director: Lena Koppel
Director of Photography: Frida Wendel FSF
Actors: Jenny Hurtigh, Claire Miller, David Nzinga

A Critique on the Capitalist System

Director: Baker Karim
Director of Photography: Philippe Ros AFC
Actors: Mimmi Kandler, Pamela Cortes Bruna, David Nzinga

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Director: Philippe Rousselot AFC, ASC
Director of Photography: Sophie Winqvist DFF
Actors: Jenny Hurtigh, CLaire Miller, Fabian Bernhardsson