GoKinema Seminars 2016 – program release

Time to release the seminar program for GoKinema 2016!

This year’s program is mainly focusing on skills and competence development in the film industry. We have invited representatives from the British organisation Creative Skillset to talk about how they collaborate with creative businesses, industry professionals, new talent and educators in order to create a workforce of skilled freelancers, and to provide the industry with the competence that is needed in the future. Can the Swedish film industry be inspired by the UK system, both in terms of competence development and funding? This is a highly topical issue in the Swedish film industry, due to the work with the new film agreement in Sweden.


There are also seminars about the benefits and challenges when being a freelancer, about production design and optical illusions, a case study on the new movie Sparrows, as well as a seminar about working with agents.


On GoKinema Backlot, there will be something for everyone – families, industry professionals, film and media students and anyone interested in the craft of filmmaking.


See the full seminar program here!

Cinematography Master Class & Workshop with Bruno Delbonnel

Bruno Delbonnel by Benjamin B 2013

Every year since 2010, GoKinema has invited an award-winning cinematographer to share his/her work in a Master Class and a Workshop. This year, GoKinema is pleased to welcome Bruno Delbonnel, known for his work on titles like Amélie and Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, which both earned him Academy Award nominations. The Master Class is held in collaboration with Göteborg Film Festival at Pustervik on Saturday, January 30, and the second part – the workshop – takes place as usual at GoKinema, Gothenburg Studios, on Monday, February 1. For more information, please visit gokinema.com/seminars.

Backlot, Seminars, Open Set & Study Visits


GoKinema consists of four main element:

GoKinema Backlot – Try out prop, technical equipment and other filmrelated activities

Study Visits – Gothenburg Studios is offering schools and other education geared associations the opportunity to explore behind the scenes of filmmaking.

Seminars – Attend interesting seminars about film and visualization, and be part of a fascinating workshop where internationally renowned instructors and speakers share their knowledge.

Open Set – Get an insight in the creative process of filmmaking where you, as a member of an audience, get to follow the production of three short films from script to screen.

You will receive all information needed for this year’s experiences. Stay tuned!

Who is Film-Bengt?


Gustaf Bengtsson, or more commonly known as Film-Bengt, was a freelance cinematographer, who loved acting. He inevitably gained recognition after starring in numerous titles, mostly directed by the acclaimed Georg af Klercker.

Film-Bengt was a well-known figure in Gothenburg’s filmmaking scene. He worked closely with director Georg af Klercker and his wife, Selma Wiklund. For example, the title “Högsta vinsten” was  directed by Klercker, with Film-Bengt and the director himself playing the main roles. Bengtsson acted in six of Klercker’s movies in total.



Film-Bengt had charisma, talent and the right character. Known for being overweight (some say he weighed over 100 kg, that’s around 140 kg with the film equipment on his back!), he was as much a close friend to Klercker as his go-to actor for various titles.

Every era has its characters which audiences love, and directors thrive to work with. Bengtsson was representing some of Klercker’s best titles and to compliment his work, the GoKinema team has chosen Film-Bengt as one of the three key characters for GoKinema 2016.

Who is Selma Wiklund?


Actress, screenwriter and married to a famous director – Selma Wiklund was a visible character among Gothenburg’s filmmakers. Her most noticeable appearances were roles in the films made by her husband, Georg af Klercker – a well known director in Gothenburg.  From time to time, they even appeared on the screen together.

Selma was born in Finland, but moved to Stockholm early on. The young actress met Klercker while touring with him, with a theatre group. They fell in love with each other, and were later on also “partners in crime” on many film sets. 

Selma was only 50 years old when she died. After her death in 1923, Klercker moved to Malmö and devoted himself to “business”. He married once more, but as many claim, Klercker never again reached the same passion for filmmaking that he once shared with Selma.

GoKinema is a strong supporter of gender equality in film business and we believe that Selma, a brave woman working in an industry lead by men, would agree with us. There are not many stories left behind, that tell about Selma’s work. Therefore, GoKinema team is bringing them back to life for GoKinema 2016.