Our First Cinematographer for Open Set

Phillipe Ros will be a director of photography on Open Set 2014


Philippe Ros AFC

Cinematographer – Digital Imaging Supervisor – Consultant – Instructor

Philippe Ros is specialized in hand held camera and practicability issues.

He is fully acquainted with the digital shooting systems and the postproduction workflows linked to them. Recently, he was Digital Imaging Director during five years on Oceans film directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud. His goal was to match underwater HD shots and 35 mm topside shots.

He was also DoP on underwater nights, tanks and microscope shooting on Oceans.

He was Digital Imaging Supervisor on Home directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. For television, he was the cinematographer of the first five seasons of the series Kaamelott directed by Alexandre Astier.

He was recently on a European tour of 17 capitals to show a serial of four short demo films shot in 4K for Sony Europe and Leica. He’s currently working as digital imaging supervisor for a serial of documentaries involving shooting in extreme low light conditions.

He is :

-       A member of AFC, French Association of directors of Photography

-       Consultant of the Imago Technical Committee (European Federation of Cinematographers).

-       An honorary member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers “CSC”