Who is Selma Wiklund?


Actress, screenwriter and married to a famous director – Selma Wiklund was a visible character among Gothenburg’s filmmakers. Her most noticeable appearances were roles in the films made by her husband, Georg af Klercker – a well known director in Gothenburg.  From time to time, they even appeared on the screen together.

Selma was born in Finland, but moved to Stockholm early on. The young actress met Klercker while touring with him, with a theatre group. They fell in love with each other, and were later on also “partners in crime” on many film sets. 

Selma was only 50 years old when she died. After her death in 1923, Klercker moved to Malmö and devoted himself to “business”. He married once more, but as many claim, Klercker never again reached the same passion for filmmaking that he once shared with Selma.

GoKinema is a strong supporter of gender equality in film business and we believe that Selma, a brave woman working in an industry lead by men, would agree with us. There are not many stories left behind, that tell about Selma’s work. Therefore, GoKinema team is bringing them back to life for GoKinema 2016.