Watch the films from GoKinema 2015


GoKinema team is happy to present the two shirt films shot during the event on January 23-24, 2015

As in the previous years, each day was dedicated to shooting one of the films, resulting in a very limited shooting time for the crews and making Open Set into a unique challenge for the filmmakers. The films were shot in the front of a live audience – GoKinema visitors.




Dewald Aukema, SASC and Ninja Thyberg working together on the set of The Kill. Photo: Christian Holst

On the first day, January 23, the Swedish director Ninja Thyberg collaborated with the award-winning cinematographer from South Africa, Dewald Aukema, SASC to bring the script to the silver screen. The Kill was the winning script for this year’s GoKinema Script Competition, written by very talented Swedish writer Désirée Nordlund.

Watch The Kill  here:





Dick Pope, BSC and director Cecilia Torquato on the set of The Pros. Photo: Christian Holst



The second day saw another great Swedish female director, Cecilia Torquato, working together with the Oscar nominee Dick Pope, BSC (Mr Turner, 2014) on the title The Pros, also based on Désirée Nordlund’s original screenplay.

The Pros is currently unavailable to watch due to submission to festivals, but will appear on this page, once it’s published on Gothenburg Studios Vimeo page.



Executive producer for both films: Paul Blomgren DoVan
Production Manager: Cecilia Svärd

GoKinema team says thanks to all the crew, volunteers, directors, cinematographers and everyone involved in making 2015 another great GoKinema year with excellent short films as a result of it.