Who is Film-Bengt?


Gustaf Bengtsson, or more commonly known as Film-Bengt, was a freelance cinematographer, who loved acting. He inevitably gained recognition after starring in numerous titles, mostly directed by the acclaimed Georg af Klercker.

Film-Bengt was a well-known figure in Gothenburg’s filmmaking scene. He worked closely with director Georg af Klercker and his wife, Selma Wiklund. For example, the title “Högsta vinsten” was  directed by Klercker, with Film-Bengt and the director himself playing the main roles. Bengtsson acted in six of Klercker’s movies in total.



Film-Bengt had charisma, talent and the right character. Known for being overweight (some say he weighed over 100 kg, that’s around 140 kg with the film equipment on his back!), he was as much a close friend to Klercker as his go-to actor for various titles.

Every era has its characters which audiences love, and directors thrive to work with. Bengtsson was representing some of Klercker’s best titles and to compliment his work, the GoKinema team has chosen Film-Bengt as one of the three key characters for GoKinema 2016.